It all started with the winged cat-people.

    As a child with an (over)active imagination, Lyn Alder created worlds to play in, the most lasting of which involved (remember, she was five) a space-faring monarchy of winged cat-people.

    She started her serial-writing career in high school, passing around handwritten stories on notebook paper to her friends. This (among other things) got her a reputation as being a little bit strange, a reputation which haunts her to this day.

    After a college education in English, Lyn worked a series of desk jobs for a decade, while writing in the nooks and crannies of spare time that life provided her; mostly poetry, microfiction, and short stories. During this time, she amassed a staggering stack of work, most of it unfinished, but found herself craving an outlet for her creativity, and an audience beyond her friends. Addergoole was born in the warm privacy of a livejournal community, several months before its bastard younger brother Wild Ones’ Blood. A friend bought Lyn a domain name for Yule, and Addergoole took its first steps out into the world.

    Lyn lives in the Finger Lakes region of New York State with her husband and their two flesh-eating cats. When she’s not writing, or working her day job, she enjoys hiking gorges and old cemeteries, knitting, sewing, drinking wine, and watching the geekiest television she can find.

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