“I got to thank ... The devil for the trouble that I get into
I got to give credit where credit is due
I thank the bank for the money
Thank God for you.”
- Sawyer Brown, Thank God for You


Addergoole simply would not have happened without the aid, support, and hard work of the following people:

My husband, T., for his patience and continual help with worldbuilding (Also, the moon faeries are his fault)
Moriden, for knowing how a Lawful Neutral society works better than I do
Eseme, for the editing, proofreading, and eternal support and idea-bouncing
Kiru, for the musing
Chris Childs, for understanding male minds when I cannot, for his freakish ability to pull the right lyric for the subtitle out of thin air, and for nigh-on-continual help with world and magic-building
Linda, for her equally constant help with worldbuilding and for being a font of encouragement and ideas
db, for the server space and the encouragement
Eugene, KeeblerX, for the kick I needed to get started, and for his work as Webmaster and Admin
Digaaz for the ad artwork and the original Addergoole banners
E.Mc., for being herself and my friend, and kicking me when I needed to be a better version of myself.

It’s important to note that almost all of the Shahin-and-Emrys interactions from Book Three onwards, and a good number of the Conrad-and-Kailani ones as well, have been the collaborative effort of Chris and I.

The school crest featured on the page is the work of E.Mc.; the Latin translation is courtesy T.

Other people, people who I know only as a collection of electrons, have been instrumental, as well, in keeping Addergoole going and me something close to sane. High on this list are:

TenaciousN, Nancy Brauer, for endless help with art and advertising.
Inventrix, for tech support and the lovely little script that collects all of the #Addergoole tweets
Zoe E. Whitten, for being my go-to woman for all those grammar questions
TheLadyIsUgly, Barbara Santana, for being able to produce the proper name for a character on a moment’s notice
A.M. Harte, Anna, for being one of my first and most vocal fans and for being her awesome self
Sebashi for the same, and for turning me into a real writer..

This story is for, and to a great extent about, the readers, each and every one of you. I would not keep going if you did not keep talking to be, supporting me, telling your friends about me. Thank you all.

Copyright © 2009-2010 Lyn Thorne-Alder & Elasmo. All rights reserved.
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