Addergoole Relationship Map

Wait, What?

I take it as a clear sign that I have gamed too much. Believe it or not, I once created one of these (for a therapist, no less) to diagram my own, IRL relationships (another sign I game too much: I tend to read those elliptical bumper stickers that say "IRL" as "In Real Life," rather than "Ireland."

Okay... but what is it?

Oh! It's a diagram explaining the relationships we've seen so far within Addergoole, albeit a little simplified.


Truth be told, I wanted a visualitation of the ties connecting people in Addergoole. Ty and Jamian are still off on their own little island, more or less, but that's an entirely manufactured solitude, mainly of Ty's making (and will begin to change in Chapter(s) 15).

I don't get your key.

I can be rather obscure, can't I?

Okay. Black lines represent a crew relationship. A crew in Addergoole is rather like a clique, but with the added assumption of fierce loyalty - "us against the world."

Green lines represent more casual friendship, buddies, people who hang out occasionally.

Blue lines represent a sexual/romantic interest, either one-way or reciperocal.

Double red lines represent a consumated sexual/romantic relationship. With a circle crossing the line, there is an Ownership involved.

The broken brown lines represents an intense relationship (lovers, Owned, etc.) which no longer exists

The slate-grey lines represents an antagonistic relationship full of animosity.

What about...?

I likely overlooked someone. Where do you think they should be attached, and how?

This chart is out of date. I hope to revise it at some point soon, but would not be averse to a fan-made chart!

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