There are two motives for reading a book: one, that you enjoy it; the other than you can boast about it.
- Bertrand Russell

Bonus Stories and "Stamps"

What's a bonus story? A small look into the life of another character in the story, a little more of a story hinted at in the main story, a memory of one of the characters. It could be the answer to a question you have about someone ("So what was Kailani's mom really like?") or a scene hinted at in the main story (When Ambrus and Regine first met) - or anything else you're curious about.

For examples of Bonus Stories, check out those from Book One, Book Two, Book Three, and Book Four.

How do I get more bonus stories? For 75 Stamps, you can buy your own Bonus Story. Leave a comment in the forums or send me an e-mail with your topic request. You can also partially sponsor a bonus story, putting down less than 75 Stamps in hopes that someone else will put down the rest.

Bonus stories will also be posted in return for meeting the weekly donation goal.

The current donations goal is $5.00 USD.
The current total is $0.00

When the goal is reached, the voting thread in the forums will open up. Suggesting story ideas is free; each vote costs 1 Stamp. You may vote as many times as you want.

Stamps, you say? Yep, Stamps. Stamps are earned for various things done to help out the story:
    Every dollar donated is worth 3.5 Stamps
    Every post in the forum is worth 1 Stamp
    Every typo you catch & report to me is worth 2.5 Stamps
    Friending our Facebook or Livejournal page is worth 1 Stamp
    Every picture for the gallery is worth 15 Stamps
    Every review at Web Fiction Guide, EpiGuide, SciFi Matter, Muse's Success, or Blog Fiction Forums is worth 25 Stamps. Please keep the reviews real and honest. Do not spam the forums.
    Every tweet about Addergoole is worth 1 Stamp, max 25 Stamps/week.
    Every blog post about Addergoole is worth 5 stamps.
    A link to Addergoole is worth 5 Stamps.

    If I don't follow your blog/twitter/webpage, let me know if you post about Addergoole!
Okay, so what? I have 10 Stamps, what can I do with them?
    You can use them to vote for a specific bonus story (asking for the stories is free; they need to be voted on to get written). One Stamp equals one vote.
    You can ask a character any question, and they will answer it(*), for 15 Stamps.
    (*) Questions which are too spoiler-ific will not be answered directly.
    You can save them up and use them to have a cameo appearance (50 Stamps)
    or your very own Addergoole short story (75 Stamps)
    or, if you're impatient, a vignette (37.5 Stamps)

    ...and more to come, I'm sure.
Check the Stamps thread on the forums for your current Stamps total.

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