Stamps Bonus Story

MABINA: The first thing you need to really, really understand is that words have power.

Words have power.
- Oaths

MABINA: I assume Conrad already told you about Oaths. Our word means what it means, and reality can be awfully literal about enforcing it.
  • Oaths
    • Enforced?
KAILANI: Enforcing?

MABINA: Enforcing.

CASSIDY: Making real. Seriously. If you promise to do something, reality will smack you in the face if you don’t.

MABINA: Likewise, Ownership. You’re already figuring out, I think, that it’s not just a set of words.
  • Ownership
    • Physically enforced on the Kept.
  • What other words have power? “Belonging.” Some concepts?

CONRAD: The safe thing, ah, is to never say anything without thinking it over, or, at least, nothing concrete. And never use the words “promise” or “swear.” Or, you know, “Belong.”

TARO: Little late for that.

MABINA: So the words that you spoke with Conrad – bind both of you. Bind him to your will… he physically can’t disobey a direct order.
  • Ownership
    • Physically enforced on the Kept.
    • Orders cannot be disobeyed. Any orders?
CASSIDY: Try it. Tell him to do something he wouldn’t do if he had a choice in the matter.

    • Total lack of free will? Seems unlikely.
MABINA: It’s important that you both understand how deeply this commitment you’ve made goes.

KAI: Conrad… kiss Taro.

TARO: Fuck that shit!

CONRAD: (Standing up) I’d really rather not.

TARO: Damnit, Kai. (frowning)
    • An apparent inability to refuse orders. Further testing needed. Later.
    • Only explicit orders, or implicit as well? Do they have to be spoken… seems likely they do.

‘LISHA: It’s more than following orders, though.

TARO: Shut up, ‘Lisha.

‘LISHA: Fuck you, Taro. He’s my friend, too, and she needs to understand.

CONRAD: (tensely) Understand what?

Ownership has several qualities to it:
  • Obedience – see above, the inability to disobey a direct order. “Mind control?” Psychosomatic? Seems comprehensive, but further testing needed.
  • Tactile need - Possibly also psychosomatic, and not consistent: a “need” to be in physical contact with the Owner (seems like an animal trait, to want to be petted/curried/touched).
  • Security - A feeling of belonging, of being protected and safe.
  • Loyalty – the Owner becomes the foremost person in the Kept’s mind.
  • Responsibility –

TARO: Ha! That’s a myth

VLAD: No, it’s not. It’s the cornerstone of the relationship

TARO: (Sneering) Obedience is the cornerstone of the Master-Slave relationship.

MABINA: (Implacably calmly) A Master-slave relationship, perhaps, but not one between Keeper and Kept.

TARO: Same thing.

CASSIDY: Only when a bitch or a nutjob is holding the leash. Calm down, Taro.

‘LISHA: He’s got a point. It’s like this…
  • Responsibility – In the Language* of the Old Ones** “Responsibility” and “Ownership” are different declinations of the same word: To Own someone = complete responsibility for their well-being, health, happiness.
    • In common usage, many people ignore this. Sort of like pet ownership.
    • Because you can do anything to your Kept & they can’t leave, this leads in some cases to abuse.
* Must learn more about Language
** And about Old Ones

KAI: People honestly stand there and let their… Keeper… hit them?

TARO: (Darkly) When your Owner says stand still, you stand still until she tells you that you can move. No matter what she’s doing to you.

KAI: …oh…


KAI: Well, how do you get around that?

CASSIDY: Don’t get Owned.

KAI: …oh…

Don't get Owned.


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