“All the best stories are but one story in reality - the story of escape. It is the only thing which interests us all and at all times, how to escape.”
- Arthur Christopher Benson,1862-1925


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Our Favorite Web Stories
Other Serialized Web Fiction

Tapestry - a fantasy serial told in journal format.

Shadow Unit - "The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit hunts humanity's nightmares. But there are nightmares humanity doesn't dream are real. The Behavioral Analysis Unit sends those cases down the hall. Welcome to Shadow Unit."

The Peacock King Trilogy - fantasy, intrigue, sex, poets, at court - "Hot guys in collars, talking guns, boys in makeup, and birdies! All in one story!"

Above Ground, by A.M. Harte (QuillsandZebras on Twitter.) Follow Lilith as she discovers the odd post-apocalyptic world above her safe, normal life.

Strange Little Band - Two psychics, one mega-corp, and all-around bad behavior"

314 Crescent Manor Where the walls talk, and sometimes maim.

Tales of MU - High fantasy, higher education" It was a friend sending me to Mu that started the webserial journey that led to Addergoole.

An Intimate History of the Greater Kingdom - Sweeping through a thousand years, “An Intimate History” follows the story of a royal family as it is told to the latest and possibly last heir to its throne. This is the history the history books leave out—royal loves and lusts that changed the course of events.

Nomesque Fiction - A collection of fanstasy short stories. I particularly like Eleja's Slave, its follow-up Never a Slave, and the Deadish series.

Among the Shadows - "Twenty-year-old Shane Fetters doesn't just live on the edge. He hangs precariously in the chasm where he's certain there ought to be some middle ground, struggling to assert himself as a middle person--not quite male or female, neither pure genius nor utter incompetent, and mostly adult but with a heavy influence of inner child.

Eikasia - Nyx is an Ailuran, a feline shapeshifter, who chooses to live on the outskirts of life. Elmiryn is an unconventional warrior who seeks revenge. Both are cursed. When circumstance places them together to fight an enemy whose very existence is in question, they find uncommon allies, life-threatening adventures, and cerebral danger waiting.

Zoe E. Whitten - Dark fiction, fantasy, and sci-fi. I particularly like "Eddie's First Circus."

The Philosopher in Arms - In a world where civilization is inchingly rising again, he is born with great gifts and little time, the responsibility for a people and love that conquers. Updating every weekday.

Refuge of Delayed Souls - In a story spanning many lifetimes, we follow Elizabeth’s journey as she investigates the supernatural and seeks information about her own past, all while trying to keep a balance between the light and the darkness in her work for an agency known as the Refuge of Delayed Souls.

It's All Relative - The magical world of Atheria is unraveling at the seams as more and more creatures disrupt the essential balance. Amidst the chaos, a young exile promises change and freedom, but at what price?

Space & Time - A sci-fi story, taking place in a galaxy where humans are a disadvantaged minority and space travel is quite common.

The Dragon Wars Three British teenagers are dragged into another world to be warriors in its millennia long conflict with the dragons. A conflict which will spread to other worlds – including Earth. This ongoing Young Adult Fantasy series will span several sub-genres. Updates Mondays and Fridays

Kyrus Talain - Living up to a dad's heroic reputation.

Eclipse Court - Minis Aan, heir to a corrupt Empire about to fall. What does it take to be Imperator?

The Noble Pirates - Who were the real pirates of the Caribbean?

Compilations of Web Fiction
Listings and Forums

Web Fiction Guide (online novels, reviews) - (Our Listing)

Free Fiction Online a site devoted to promoting free, online fiction, including Addergoole. @onlinefiction on Twitter.

Scifimatter - "a searchable index of links to websites about science fiction, fantasy."

EpiGuide - "Articles, interviews, episode recaps/previews, and special features focusing on webseries and other forms of online entertainment." (Our Listing)

Blog Fiction Forums - "A Place to discuss reading and writing online fiction." via

Muse's Success - "a comprehensive catalogue of freely available web novels and serials." Our Listing

Online Novels - "The # 1 site for online novels provides links to any and all novels, short stories, and poetry that can be read or downloaded on the internet"

And, of course, Web Comics
That we know and love

Real Life Comics

Gunnerkrigg Court

Girl Genius - "Adventure, Romance, MAD SCIENCE!"

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Other Things
That seemed neat at the time

U-M Fantasy and Science Fiction Website - "We are constantly striving to provide an extensive and useful location for all types of information and tools that will help us study fantasy and science fiction."

Self-Published Science Fiction Books

Author Alan Baxter's Website

The Bloody Blog

Adventures of the Jade Assassin, keikomushi on Twitter.

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