A brief explanatory lexicon

The alien/faerie/mutant creatures of Addergoole are called Ellehemaei, which simply means those from Ellehem.

The Ellehemaei fall into two political groups:

One call themselves the Shenera Oseraei, the Children of the First. They call the other group Ashanevai, which means monkey-fuckers.

The other group call themselves the Shenera Endraae , the Children of the Law. They call the other group Nedetakaei, those who have forsaken their Names, which also means those who have forsaken the Law.

There are three bloodlines of Ellehemaei, known each by many names. The names they are most commonly called in the modern age by the Shenera Endraae are:

Daeva, those who inspire, Callavanaei in the Old Tongue.

Grigori, those who guide.

Mara, those who protect.

Indicative of their differences in mindset, the Shenera Oseraei call the three groups the Devourers (Daeva), the Shepherds (Grigori), and the Hunters (the Mara).


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