“In our suburb, it was our brothers who were warned not to touch the brown-paper wrapped mailings from Playboy that arrived each month. No one thought of us. ”
- Playboy Nostalgia


Even in the world of Addergoole, there are books that come wrapped in brown paper. Peruse the slowly-growing collection of B-side stories here.

Currently available in .pdf. Other formats may be available later.

Beggars Can Be Choosers
The Thornes always have quite the appetite after a fight...
Dazed and Unconfused
Nydia is about to learn what being Kept by Dysmas means.
Playing the Game
Phelen got more than anticipated in Keeping Manira.
Just after Xaviera's Interlude; Xav gets what she wanted.
The End of Anticipation
Just after Retirement; a tryst a long time in coming finally comes.
Just after 123; Ty says he doesn't JUST want sex from Jaya...
Mutually Gifted
In the middle of Ch. 156 ; Jamian and Ivette share a succubus moment.
Wrapped Up
After Ch. 157; Shahin wraps Xav up for Emrys.
The Ties That Bind
Just after  Ch. 158 ; Kailani and Conrad try out Massima's present.
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