Acacia and Agatha  

Sharp, deadly Second Cohorts: you don't get much more sharp-tongued or sharp-tempered than Agatha and Acacia.  

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Acacia (ah KAY shah) cy'Douglas 
Second Cohort

As mentioned in Massima's description here, the Thorne Girls share a common look, a common Change (a common father) and a common hardness. Of the three of them, Cay has, from the day they first met, been the leader of the team. Allyse may be smarter, Massima may be more humane, but Cay keeps them going through the dark.

Like her sisters, she's built like a predator, sleek and tall, 5'9.5 (176.53 cm)" with B-cup breasts, slender, almost boyish hips, and long, muscular legs and arms. She was toned and muscular from a lifetime of martial arts before she ever came to Addergoole, three years of training has only intensified and strengthened that, despite her two pregnancies. She has a sharp, pointed chin, a long nose suggesting Eastern European ancestry, and a mouth on the smallish side. When she smiles, which is rare, it illuminates her entire face. Her eyes, before her Change, are blue-grey and icy; her skin is naturally pale, burnished to a weathered light tan.

She wears tight jeans, blue, or heavy pants with the diamond gusset for kicking, short, heavy leather boots, and tight shirts that show off her perfectly-toned body to its best advantage and leave her plenty of room to move. Her favorite colors are russets and oranges, and, when leaving the school, she wears a scarred brown leather jacket. The Thornes all wear some makeup, expertly done; it gives them the look of teenage thugs, which both adds to and diminishes the menace: war paint for the Addergoole war.

The Change brings the beast inside her out onto her face, giving her sharp, meat-rending teeth, pointed ears up higher on her head, slit-pupiled eyes, and finger- and toe-nails hard enough to double as claws. This sharpness combines with a Changed musculature, making her stronger and faster than a normal human could be. In addition to this, her innate power layers, giving her more resistance to damage, more strength, and more speed.

Agatha sh'Regine cy'Linden
"Aggie," "the White Rabbit"
Second Cohort

Pretty little doll…

Agatha has been described, more than a few times but never to her face, as an evil doll. Certainly nothing she's ever done has given lie to this description. Tiny, blonde, perfectly sweet, she's as cold as can be and entirely self-centered.

She stands barely over five foot tall (1.5494 cm), but it's a perfectly-proportioned five foot one, with porcelain skin and Barbie-doll curves: her hips are wide, her butt small but high-set, her chest in the C-cup range. She doesn't exercise (That would make her sweaty) but keeps her physique slim through a combination of Tlacatl Workings and just burning calories through magic in general. Her eyes are blue, her hair cornsilk-blonde, her makeup generally understated. Her cheekbones are high and her face small and oval. She wears her hair in styles, generally, a little too young for her, or a little too old-fashioned, as if wanting to give the impression she's frozen in an earlier era.

Her clothing is pink and feminine (rose, blush, coral, flush, fuchsia, salmon… but always feminine), delicate and often doll-like; her bedroom is pink and feminine, like something out of a child's dream of a princess room. She wears skirts with floral patterns and lace, dresses, blouses; everything directed towards that perfect-little-doll image, and, indeed, the terrifying thing is, she seems to believe it. Her Kept, when they are lucky, are just another stuffed animal in her collection of toys.

Her Change makes her shorter (made her shorter; she keeps that difference even Masked), gave her white rabbit ears that she almost always hides, either with Masking or very elaborate coiffure, and red eyes (also usually hidden). It also gave her claws, long, dangerous claws that do the sort of damage to other Ellehemaei that normally only rowan and hawthorn can do.

She's a chicken-egg case for personality vs. Change: did the poisonous cute animal nature of her Change predispose her to be a vicious little bitch, or did she become poisonous because she already was so?


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