Wren and Xaviera 

Wren and Xaviera have very little in common; they are both female students who have been Kept, but there ends their similarities.

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Wren cy'Maureen 
Fourth Cohort 

Wren is one of those few people in Addergoole completely, perfectly well-named by her father. The daughter of Dave and D.J. (see "Too Human"), raised by her father, half-sister to Ciro and Ty, this pretty girl bears more in common with her father than with any of her siblings or her maternal parent.

"Brown" covers her pretty well, brown and birdish, even with her mask up. She's a pretty girl without being gorgeous, with chocolate-brown hair midway down her back , eyes the same color, skin tanned a happy brown. She looks like the girl next door - sweet, and rather innocent-seeming, even when she was wearing Phelen's collar; part of the reason other people objected to his handling of her is that she looked too sweet to enjoy being a pet.

(She does, though, enjoy not being in charge, enjoy the concrete rules Phelen put down for her, enjoy imposed order. She has a hard time maintaining her own order at this stage in her life).

She's a little on the short side of average height, at 5'4", with B-cup breasts and a slender, well-toned build. One of the things Phelen encouraged in her was regular exercise and, as with many of his directions, she has kept this up now that she's free. It's helped her lose the baby weight very quickly; that, and the calorie burn from Working, keeps a habit of random eating from being too unhealthy for her.

Her change does not give her wings, although it does give her a tail of brown feathers, speckled with white and black, and more feathers growing from behind her ears and at the nape of her neck. Her fingers are smaller, sharper, and a bit more dexterous than human fingers; her nose is a bit sharper.

She's a nester; her innate power allows her to arrange a room in such as way as to make it the most comfortable. This ability is what led her to be cy'Maureen.
Xaviera cy'Akatil

Third Cohort 

In another world, Xaviera could be a cheerleader. Pretty, blonde, athletic; indeed, in a normal school, she and Ardell could be homecoming king and queen.

Addergoole isn't that world.

She is still a tall, athletic blonde girl, her athleticism honed into combat ability instead of cheerleading, her prettiness far less a weapon in a school full of pretty people, where magic and smarts are more important. At 5'8" (173 cm), she's lean, muscular, strong, and fast, with small high-set breasts just under a B-cup, small hips, and a stomach she's worked hard to keep flat between pregnancies.

Her hair is long, straight, and golden blonde: she has the Norse look of her father Aelfgar but, unlike most of her half-siblings, without any horns in her Changed form. Her eyes are stunningly blue, her skin creamy and pink since she lives in a bunker and has for three years, and, like any high school Mean Girl, she applies her makeup with a skilled but slightly heavy hand. Her face is heart-shaped, her smile more a sneer than a smile, her eyebrows plucked to a perfect, evil line.

The clothing she wears is designed to show off both her body and her changes - jersey shorts, tank tops, tight jeans and snug sweaters, wedge-heeled sandals and heeled boots. Her color palette tends towards bright blues, greens, purples - matching the hues of her scales in her Changed for.

And that Change. Scales work their way up her legs to above her knees, shimmering in those same blues and greens. They trail down her spine, as well, and around the sides of her hairline.

In addition, her Change has given her a set of fangs which, like a snake's, are poisonous, and, as Emrys says, "a lot of cranial kinesis;" she can unhinge her jaw.


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