Vladimir (VLAD-uh-MEER) cy'Luca*
Third Cohort

Vlad is half an inch (1.27 meters) taller than Conrad, ten pounds (4.54 kilos) heavier, all of if muscle, and still scrawny rather than lanky, skinny rather than athletic – on a mad day, he brings to mind a puppy not quite grown into his body.

His dark red-brown hair is trimmed short and tidy, just a little length in front to be unruly. His complexion is a little ruddy, more prone to sunburn than tanning. His nose is long, narrow, and rather prominent, his face heart-shaped and beardless, his eyes hazel.

He wears black Dockers most of the time, or neo-grunge work pants in forest green; his shirts are untucked work-shirt style button downs or nicer T-shirts, in dark jewel tones. His shoes are usually black boots, well-kept.

Vlad smiles rarely, his usual expression serious and a little sad; when he smiles, it lights up his face like a sunrise. His gestures are sparse, and when away from his crew (Conrad, Taro, Mabina, Cassidy, and Kailani), he tends to fold in on himself, hunching his shoulders forwards and dropping his head down.

With his Mask dropped, his whole color scheme shifts. His hair is a deep dark shade somewhere between navy blue and forest green, with teal highlights, his skin is ever so lightly blue. His eyes are a dark ocean green, and his nose, while still prominent, is too smooth, somehow aerodynamic.

Although Vlad began Addergoole a year before Conrad, they quickly became close friends. Due to Addergoole’s weird class planning set-up, they are in most of the same classes and, unless there is a girl involved, are rarely seen apart. They share a friendly rivalry that extends to just about everything.

* Okay, so what's cy?
Pronounced "key" or "kay-uh," cy' means "student of." While the "sh'" described in Yngvi and Ayla's descriptions is the name of a Child's Mother, Vlad and Conrad are no longer considered Children. They are Students, and have chosen a Mentor, so they are now named by his name (Luca, in this case (and you wonder why he goes by Luke!)).

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