Interlude: Xaviera

"You're nice," Xaviera lied. Sprawled under Ofir, his stubby little bat wings spread like an insufficient umbrella over them, she found it hard not to giggle at him. So angry, so cute… he was like a Chihuahua, compared to the Masters she'd had.

"Nice, yeah?" He stroked her hair inexpertly. "You didn't cry. I liked that."

"You were nice about it." That much wasn't a lie. He wasn't attentive, but he was gentle.

"Ardell wasn't, hunh?"

She didn't want to talk about Ardell, but Mistress - Shahin, now, just Shahin - she'd suggested it might be a way to get him talking about Agatha.

"Ardell isn't really the nice sort. He was a strong Master, a good Master." She found herself rubbing his arms because she couldn't really reach her own. "But not really nice, no. Not really gentle. He was very angry a lot of the time."

"And what about your master now?" He bit little marks along her shoulder and arm. "He's whoring you out now, the way Ardell did."

It's not the same. She smiled at him, and stretched out her neck to give him more to bite on. "Mistress and Master are very good to me."

"Of course they are. You're a good little slave, aren't you? Obedient and loyal."

"Of course I am. I'm always a good slave." It was easy to sound like she had under Ardell, to remember what it was like to be tied up with orders. It was always easy to slip back under the collar again.

"Kendra wasn't." He grumbled it into her breast. "Kendra was always squeaking at he, always frowning, always talking with people she shouldn't. She thought she had it bad, all her silly Fifthie friends thought it was so hard for her. Like I was some sort of monster She just didn't understand…" His voice faltered for a minute.

"Didn't understand how to be good," Xaviera prompted.

Mistress - Shahin - had suggested this. "Get him talking about Agatha," she'd suggested. "He's either going to get mad and violent, stupid and maudlin, or both. Then he's right where you want him." The tiny woman's smile had been very vicious. "I think you'll know what to do, then."

Now, Xaviera hid her own fanged smile in a nuzzle against Ofir's shoulder. She'd been so good. She was always so good. And Ofir was a stupid brute.

"She didn't understand," he agreed. He was a bit drunk. "What it's like to be a good Kept. An obedient, grateful Kept."

"You were grateful?" She almost blew it. She had trouble believing gratitude where Agatha was involved. Ofir was lost enough in the story not to notice.

"I sure as hell acted it. I mean… not at first. You fought it at first, too, didn't you?"

"The first time," she allowed. "Kicked and bit and everything." She smiled, showing him her fangs. "And got myself punished for my actions. But he'd tricked me into it, I didn't know what I was doing."

"You, too?" His hands were roaming over her body again, but there was no sex behind it, just an animal need for comfort. Xaviera didn't mind. It meant he wasn't really thinking that well right now.

"Yeah," she sighed. "Too many drinks at the dance and then there he is whispering sweet things into my ear. And I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. He was good to me, though." Even if Master and Mistress didn't want her to believe that. She knew what a bad Master looked like.

"At least you were drunk. I was just an idiot."

He really was. She made a soft, urging noise, a question that didn't pressure him. Shahin had said he got very touchy at the idea of pressure, so don't push.

"We were, ah, you know, in bed, kind of like this, and I was saying something to her, and then she whispered in my ear 'say you'll be mine forever', and even though I thought it was kinda stupid, I said it. Because pretty, naked girl…"

She laughed ruefully. "Yeah, that sounds like what I did. What exactly did you say?"

"I'm yours," he admitted, "'I'm yours fo-'"

"Yes," she agreed. "You are." His eyes widened as the bond clamped down around him.

"No, no, no, that shouldn't work, no!" He scrabbled at the necklace around her neck, the mark of an Ownership she no longer was under. "No, you lying bitch, noooooooo!"

Poor, idiotic Ofir. She caught his wrists easily, and pondered what she would do with him.


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