Chapter 126: Jamian
Come and dance on our floor
Take a step that is new
We've a loveable space that needs your face
Three's company too

When Ty was putting effort into it, he could be a really sweet, attentive guy (or girl). And in the last few days, he’d been putting a lot of effort into it. Some little part of Jamian wondered cynically how long it could last: his Keeper wasn’t known for having the longest attention span for anything relationship-based. The rest of him – her, today – was floating on a euphoric wave of Keeper attention.

Ty thought she was lovely. Only that fact had gotten her into this getup (she’d had to have help with the hair, which was, today, longer than she had ever worn it), and only repeated reassurances and coaxing had gotten her out the door and on the way to the dance in less clothing than she normally wore to sleep in.

Now that she was here, however, she was beginning to have second thoughts. There was nothing to the slave-girl getup, and that meant there was a whole lot of Jaya on display for the entire school. The slim chain collar has been replaced with a thick one to match the costume, and she was more than a little glad for its reassuring strength, even with the chain leash. It was leading to some uncomfortable conversations, however; apparently some upperclassmen either hadn’t seen Star Wars or just thought the leash meant something else in context.

“Way to accessorize, Han,” drawled an approaching gladiator. Jaya recognized Rozen by his unique skin tone and muscles; the secutor-style helmet completely concealed his features. Not much else, though; his outfit was true to type, meaning there wasn’t much more to it aside from scutum, belt, and loincloth. She was a bit abashed to realize that he was a very attractive man.

“I think we make a good pair,” Ty agreed. He wrapped a possessive arm around Jaya’s shoulders, pulling her close.

“Does that blaster work? You might need it to fend off the sharks.”

Jaya imagined the very sharklike smile, under the helmet, that probably accompanied that line.

“Even the sharks around here know the Law,” Ty answered mildly. He was sort of a small guy, wasn’t he? But even Baram seemed to respect his strength…

“Oh of course, I’m sure no one here would do anything to attempt to circumvent the Law,” Rozen said smoothly. “In that outfit, though, it almost looks like she’s for sale.” The raised inflection at the end of that sentence couldn’t have been an accident. Jaya leaned in closer to Ty. Sale? He wouldn’t, would he? She glanced over at him nervously.

“Oh, this?” Ty gave a negligent tug on the leash, pulling her even closer. “It’s just part of the costume.”

“Well, we couldn’t have you acting out of character, could we? Though if you’re staying true to form, you’d best be careful tonight, you might be frozen in carbonite. Ciao.” There was a knowing smirk to those words, evident in Rozen’s tone, as he turned away.

Jaya suppressed a shiver, and, instead of saying anything, tilted her face so that Ty could kiss her properly. “Sale?” she whispered, when Rozen was well away.

“He doesn’t mean it... well, okay, he probably does. I wouldn’t do that to you, though.”

“Would you promise that? Please?” The idea was terrifying. Being Owned was one thing. Being Owned by Rozen…

She was gratified to see that Ty didn’t really hesitate. “Of course, Jaya. I promise I’d never sell you to Rozen.”

That was a little more limited than she’d like, but the air-pop was still reassuring. “Thank you.”

“This is an awkward coincidence,” Boba Fett commented in Melchior’s voice, as he stepped up beside them.

“My old nemesis,” Ty replied, although he wore a friendly smile.

“No worries, bounty hunter off-duty,” Melchior said jovially. Jaya looked between the two of them, finally beginning to relax.

“Hi, Mel,” she offered, smiling a bit. “Nice costume.”

“Yours too,” he said, and she got a feeling they were all glad his face was hidden. “I mean, really.”

She managed not to blush by using a shape-shifting trick Professor VanderLinden had taught her. “Thanks,” she muttered.

“Well, we were just moving on, but maybe we’ll run into you later, Mel.” Ty was up to something; Jaya was learning to recognize his little tics and modes of inflection, and he was giving off a sort of thoughtful curiosity.

“All right.” And Mel was easy as pie to read: a bit disappointed, a bit jealous, and… she didn’t want to be reading that here, in public. “You kids have fun.”

“You, too.” Jaya went where Ty led her; he was holding onto her leash, after all.

“You know, I was thinking,” Ty began, once they had achieved a bit more seclusion.

“I could tell,” she agreed, not completely comfortably.

“I know we were talking about trying to be monogamous, but,” Ty began, raising a hand to forestall her protest. “Hear me out, here. What would you say to the idea of bringing someone else to our bed, together?”

“Together?” That could be kind of neat, or it could be… “Who were you thinking of?” Some of Ty’s partners, she didn’t want to get anywhere near, much less in bed with.

“Well. That might vary?” Quickly, he added, “Maybe someone like Melchior. He’s clearly got some appeal.”

“Um.” Even though she’d had an idea that was where this was going, she wasn’t sure she liked the idea in practice. She had liked having her time with Mel as their special thing. But Ty seemed to want it… “That could be fun. With Mel,” she clarified.

“He certainly hasn’t lost interest, it seems. And, well. I was kind of curious what you were going on about.”

“Um.” She blushed hotly. “You know I was kind of going off in anger, right?” Not that Mel wasn’t wonderful, but…

“Are you saying you’re not interested in him anymore, then?”

She eyed him uncertainly. Was this a trap?

“It’s okay either way, lover. I was kind of interested, from what you said before, is all.”

“I… yeah. That would be awesome.” If Ty didn’t eat Melchior alive.

“Okay then,” he grinned, leaning forward to kiss her again.

She kissed him back slowly, draping her arms around his shoulders. She could get used to this.

The evening involved a lot of that, kissing, snuggling, pretending to dance, drinking things from the bar that went down smooth and left her feeling warm and happy. She cared less and less about the naked state her costume left her in, and was draped around Ty, kissing him again, when someone started petting her. Someone not Ty; she knew where both his hands were and he couldn’t, as far as she knew, grow more.

“Mmm, Ty, you and your pet look lovely,” Ivette purred, close up against their sides, one hand trailing down each of their arms. “Come back to my room and play?”

It sounded like such a good idea, she looked so good... No, she reminded herself through the slightly muddled haze of alcohol. She didn’t actually want that. They had other plans.

“You look good enough to eat, yourself,” Ty replied languidly, turning towards her.


“You ought to know, lover,” she purred. “And you’ve wrapped it up so nice and pretty, too.”

“But not for you, tonight, gorgeous,” Ty deflected.

Jaya tried not to show her relief, but, fuck, Ivette was an empath. She pouted at them both. “Some other time, maybe?”

“Maybe,” Ty hedged. “But we were just leaving. Jaya?”

“We were? We were,” she squeaked, nodding vigorously. Ty walked through the crowd, a hand on the small of her back and the other tugging playfully on her leash. It was an odd feeling, and, Jaya had to admit, not an unpleasant one. Soon, though, she spotted Melchior’s costumed form on the dance floor; it appeared Ty was bringing them on an intercept course.

Hunh. Well, Ty had a habit of going for what he wanted; she crossed her fingers that it would be okay and let herself get dragged along for the ride.

Melchior looked like he’d been drinking a bit; he was swaying not entirely in time with the music.

Aaah, Jaya thought, as Melchior stuttered, “Dance? With you?”

“With us,” Ty repeated, tugging Jaya a little closer. She moved with the tug, twisting so the chain of her leash wrapped around Melchior.

“Aaah... sure?”

“Wonderful.” Ty tugged him closer with the leash, until he was pressed up against Jaya’s backside and she was pressed against Ty’s front. The song was a slow one, good for swaying to, grinding a little bit, and there was definitely more than a little grinding going on.

Melchior was clearly interested in more than a dance, and from the look on Ty’s face, he knew it.

“I think I’m about done here,” Ty said conversationally to Jaya as the song wound down. “Mel, come home with us?” he added, almost like an afterthought. Ty looked back up at him as he spoke, over Jaya’s shoulder, and coincidentally pressed her legs back against Melchior a little more.

“With…” he stammered. Jaya put a little more grind into the bump and grind Ty was leading them through, and Mel gulped. “I’d love to.”


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