Chapter 81: Jamian
Am I supposed to be in love
‘Cause that’s what everyone else does
I feel like I should be
But I don’t know if what I’m thinking is quite enough
So grab me by the collar

“Come here.” Ty tugged Jamian lightly by the arm, pulling towards his bedroom. The whole day had felt a little like that – tugged from place to place, from thing to thing, with no real idea of what was going on and the quiet feeling of dread that he kept trying to ignore. He’d thought the people in here were creepy enough – Phelen, Agatha, the Thorne Girls, Bowen – but even Ty had looked a little pale at the mention of a “Nedetakaei Dragon,” whatever that was, taking off with two Students.

He followed Ty into his room with the same confusion he’d had since the air went funny: as if being a magical fairy in a school full of them wasn’t bad enough, now this?

Ty, too, seemed nervous, as he hip-checked the door shut and leaned against it. Not that, with a second exit, he was really trapping Jamian in the room; not that he needed to block a door to trap his Kept wherever he wanted him. Jamian didn’t point any of that out, though; whatever was agitating his Keeper, taunting him would only make it worse.

“I…” Ty coughed, and looked down at the floor, and finally pulled a jewelry box out of his pocket. Not a ring box, thank god – Jamian wasn’t ready to think about how that would work out (Who got to be the bride? Maybe in immortal fairy land, no-one worried about those things, but he might!) – it was a little bigger than that. “I,” he tried again, and then the words sort of tumbled out of him.

“I’ve been meaning to give you this for weeks. Since before Hell Night. Hell, since two days after the dance. But I thought you might freak out. But, well, you know how things work, now, and I thought it might be better for you to have it than not. You don’t have to wear it if you don’t want…!”

Ty had dated Niki last year, Jamian remembered suddenly. He wondered how Niki had reacted to finding out he was property.

“Wear what, Ty?” he asked, even though he was pretty sure he already knew. Glancing at the size of the box, it couldn’t be anything horrid, not those ugly dog collars some of the students were wearing, nothing like what Conrad had on, stiff and metal and unyielding (and electrifying – that had been rather terrifying to watch).

“My collar,” Ty mumbled, glancing up nervously through a fringe of curls. He thrust the box out towards Jamian. “You don’t have to, at all, but it helps people know you’re mine. Um. If you want that.”

Tell your Keeper to put a collar on you and this won’t happen again. Jamian took the box slowly. He wanted to tell Ty to relax, that everything would be okay. Memories of Conrad at lunch, the smell of burnt flesh and hair, made him hesitate.

“Your reputation has already saved me trouble a couple times,” he said instead. “People don’t want to mess with me because I’m your Kept.” He grinned, hoping he’d still be smiling when he opened the box. “I think I can handle something around my neck that keeps Baram from trying to take me home.”

“I’d kill Baram if he tried anything, and he knows it.” The cold tone in Ty’s voice sounded both casual and completely serious. “So… are you going to open it?” Just like that, he was insecure and nervous again.

“I’m working on it,” Jamian smiled. Ty’s nerves were catching, but if didn’t open the box soon, his Keeper was going to jump out of his skin. So, just slowly enough to make Ty grimace, he opened it.

He hadn’t known what to expect, but he didn’t think this was it. It wasn’t a collar like Conrad’s, or Bowen’s, Finnegan’s or the ugly leather one Shahin had been wearing last week. It wasn’t a collar at all, just a flat chain necklace with a smallish O-shaped pendant hanging from the front.

“It changes,” Ty interjected. “With you. It’s more masculine now because you’re leaning boyish, but when you switch girlish, it gets more delicate and girly. So it’s never out of place.”

“I…” Of all the things Ty could have given him, he’d chosen something that he could pretend was nothing but a piece of jewelry. He smiled at him. “I love it. Put it on me?” It seemed like the right thing to say.

“Oh, good.” Ty took the necklace from his hands and slipped it around his throat. It weighed less than nothing, the loop settling just below the hollow of his throat like it belonged there. “There, it looks beautiful.” He kissed the back of Jamian’s neck softly. “And if you hadn’t agreed to go to go Mabina&Cassidy’s suite tonight…”

Jamian’s heart skipped a beat. “I…” He wished he could pass the squeak in his voice off to an accidental gender-switch. “I won’t be gone all night.”

“Ah.” Ty’s sigh was delicious against the back of his neck. “I look forward to your return.”

With the breathless warmth of that parting shot, Jamian didn’t want to leave. Would he get the nerve up again? He could just stay and…

He thought of the miserable expression on Conrad’s face. “I’ll be back soon.” Feeling immensely daring, he kissed him, and then, before they could get distracted again, fled out the back door.

Mabina let him in to their suite, where Kailani and Conrad were sitting on the couch, close to each other, the collar on the coffee table and a notebook full of scribbled notes perched on the redhead’s lap. Feeling momentarily betrayed – why had he bothered to rush, then, if she was just going to take the damn thing off? And why hadn’t she done so to begin with? – he glared at the upperclassman in frustration.

Right. Not Conrad’s fault. He smiled gamely at everyone. “So,” he asked Kailani, “you had a theory or something about what happened?”

“Sort of the preliminaries to a theory.” She touched the collar lightly. “It’s a pity you don’t have abatu – you don’t, do you?”

“No,” Jamian sighed. “If I did, I could make really big sinkholes.”

“Okay… but what we know is that this collar used to have an enchantment on it.” She frowned. “Acacia put it there; Professor Akatil took it off.”

“Okay…” Jamian got the sense that she was making an effort to go slowly for him. He wasn’t sure whether he should be glad or offended. “So it’s a second hand collar that used to be enchanted.”

“With something that sounds much like the enchantment it had on it today – and didn’t have on it before we sat down at the table with you.”

Uh-oh. He frowned nervously at her. “I don’t have any sort of Words to be able to make a zapper collar, and, if I did, I wouldn’t do it anyway. I mean…” he touched the ring of his necklace uncertainly. “That’s the sort of shit someone like Bowen’s Keeper would do, and it’s sick.”

“Isn’t it horrible?” She leaned forward as she spoke, reminding Jamian uncomfortably of their locker-room conversation. He looked over at Conrad, wondering what her boyfriend thought of this conversation.

“I’ve seen worse,” he muttered. “Not that I want to try it again,” he added hastily.

That seemed to stall Kailani for a moment. She turned away from Jamian set her hand on Conrad’s quietly, frowning at him in obvious concern.

Jamian cleared his throat uncomfortably, and both of them looked back at him. “Sorry,” he muttered. “I can leave, if you’d rather…?”

She blushed, and squeezed Conrad’s hand. “I’m sorry. I’m horrible at dealing with people.” She took a deep breath. “I think we ought to talk more about the horrid things that go on here, at some point, because I think it’s important. But I don’t want to forget about this Word of yours, either.”

He nodded slowly. “Okay… Wait, my Word?”

“Well, I haven’t actually gotten to the Library yet, and the teachers, except Professor Akatil, were pretty unhelpful, but Rozen suggested there might be lost Words, magic that no-one knows about now.”

“That sounds sort of like a fairy tale,” Jamian argued.

“This whole place is one long, twisted fairy tale,” the redhead countered. “It’s missing a few key elements – a princess imprisoned in a tower, although I think we could probably find a maiden in a dungeon if we looked hard enough, a frog Prince, that sort of thing. But it has its share of trolls and wicked witches and monsters.”

And fairy-tale romance. He wondered if she’d realize in time that she’d found her own Prince, or if he even knew it. Closer to home, he thought about his own Prince(ess) waiting at home. That sort of luck didn’t happen outside of stories, did it?

“Okay,” he acknowledged. “We’re immortal faeries in some sort of fairy tale. I can accept that.” It made as much sense as anything else. “So you think I have some secret Word?”


Chapter 81b: Jamian

Jamian’s head was reeling by the time he headed back to Ty’s room. Keeping up with Kailani’s brain was like watching a hyperactive ferret on speed; no wonder her Kept had a lost look on his face sometimes. He hadn’t so much forgotten his discussion with Ty as lost it in the tumult... and then he let himself into their room.

Tya was lounging on the bed, her hair tumbling around her shoulders, wearing a tiny little green… something… that left her legs bare nearly to the waist and showed off the curve of her breasts. She smiled at him as he entered the room. “I thought you were never coming home.”

His heart caught in his throat. “I... um... you... wow.”

She smiled broadly at him. “Shut the door?” she suggested mischievously.

He nodded mutely, closing the door behind him without taking his eyes off of her. Her smile never slipped, and she held out an arm for him, beckoning him closer.

Jamian approached the bed, smiling nervously. “Wow, Tya. You’re beautiful.” Brilliant. But she was.

“Thank you.” She rose up to her knees and slipped her hands under his shirt, her fingers warm against his stomach and chest. He leaned into her touch, his smile solidifying. He could do this. She was gorgeous. He was hers. It was only natural, right?

She pulled his shirt off slowly, kissing his flesh as she bared it, his stomach, his nipples, his throat above the collar.

He let her, just going with it. Maybe she wouldn’t notice how nervous he was, how clumsy he was.

“Jame, relax.” She dropped his shirt on the floor and kissed him slowly.

Relax. Easy for her to say. She’d had what, at least four lovers before him? Including the incubus teacher, for God’s sake.

But her hands were on his waist now, undoing his belt, unbuckling his pants, even as she kissed his throat, and his nipples, and his stomach.

“Tya,” he breathed. He’d wanted this, wanted her, from the first time he’d seen her.

“Oh, Jamian.” She pushed his pants to the floor. “I have wanted to get you naked for weeks now.”

He swallowed nervously, but rallied with a smile. “And now you have.”

“Yes, yes I have.” She ran her hands over his hips and back. “And I suppose it’s only fair to return the favor?”

“Oh.” Oh, God, yes please. “I suppose.”

“You suppose?” She paused with a hand on the strap of her dress-thing. “Well, if you’re not sure, I could stay dressed…”

“No, no, that’s okay,” he said hastily. How did he always end up with his foot in his mouth the minute she went girl?

She grinned playfully at him, and, with an elaborate hip-shimmy, the little silk thing fell to the floor, leaving her in tiny lace panties. “Do you want to do the honors?”

He reached out, hesitantly, setting his hands on her waist, her lovely narrow waist, then touching the soft skin of her thighs, and the delicate lace that was all that remained covering her.

She smiled encouragingly at him. “It’s okay, honey,” she coaxed. Carefully, he pulled her panties down, hands lightly running over her legs.

She was all girl today, thank god, her short curls the same strawberry-blonde as her hair, her legs soft and smooth. She ran her hands up and down his back, cupped his ass with one hand and wrapped the other around the back of his neck. “Kiss me.”

Yes. That was definitely what he wanted to do. Even as he was thinking it, he found himself leaning forward, head tilting slightly, lips meeting hers. She pulled him closer, her naked body pressed against his, and kissed him.

She took her time about her, her breasts tight against his chest, her hips wiggling tantalizingly. He closed his eyes, reveling in the sensation of her body on his. “Tya...”

“Jame’…” She made a line of kisses across his jawline and took his earlobe in her teeth, biting delicately at the soft meat there. “Do you want me?”

Did he want her? He had never wanted anything so badly in his entire life. She was so perfect, so lovely, so intoxicating. What words could he speak that would explain the splendid radiance that was Tya, his consuming desire for her, his utter devotion? “Yes,” was all that emerged, the word barely a whisper.

It seemed to be enough. She kissed his throat, just above the collar, and then the back of his neck, circling around behind him. “Lay down, Jamian.”

He obediently lay on his back on the bed, looking up at her.

She took her time about it, crawling slowly up the bed towards him, her hands on either side of his legs, stopping to kiss an ankle, a knee… God, she was beautiful. The way she moved was intoxicating, the feel of her lips on his skin unbelievable.

She stopped about halfway up him, kissing both of his hips and then grinning wickedly up at him. “Say please,” she teased.

“Oh, please, Tya,” he breathed.

“Mm, I like that.” She licked, slowly, from the base of his cock to the tip, her eyes never straying from his face.

He shivered just a little, watching her in blissful fascination. “Please, Tya,” he repeated.

She planted a soft kiss right at the top of his shaft and grinned up at him. “Please what, love?”

Was she really going to make him say it? Oh, but her tongue... “Please... go down on me,” he managed.

“Good boy,” she smiled, and did as he asked.

It was amazing, absolutely amazing. The most incredible thing he’d ever felt in his life, and it was her, and she was doing it for him, and that just made it even better.

And then she stopped, looking up at him with a hungry smile.

“Oh...” He couldn’t bring himself to complain, not after... wow.

“Oh?” she teased softly.

“I thought... no, it’s okay...” It was more than okay, if that was all she wanted to do with him. Maybe she was as nervous as he was, impossible as that sounded.

“We’re not done yet, darling,” she grinned up at him.

“Oh.” Oh! Oh! He smiled gamely back at her.

“Mm…” She resumed her slow crawl up his body, kissing his nipples and his throat as she straddled him, tantalizingly close.

He leaned forward, seeking her lips with his own. She kissed him, slowly, drawing it out.

This was it. This was really happening, now. He was truly hers.


Afterwards, she covered his chest and chin with kisses, smiling broadly down at him. “Wonderful,” she purred.

He lay still in blissful reverie, thoughts unfocused, images of her flitting through his mind. Her nipples, pink and tight. Her hands on his chest. The way her hair bounced as she rode him. He ran his hands down her back, loving the feel of her under his hands. She was perfect.

She tweaked his nipple gently. “Are you still in there?”

“Um, no, wouldn’t you know?”

She giggled softly and tapped the side of his skull. “I meant in there, silly.”

“Oh,” he blushed. Why was he still blushing around her? That was... wow. “Yeah,” he smiled. Her breasts were at eye level; he cupped one in each hand and rolled his thumbs over her nipples. “I’m still here.”

“Good.” She drew circles on his chest with her finger, looking more at his chin than his eyes. “I’ve been wanting that for weeks, Jamian.”

“I’ve been wanting that for... a long time,” he agreed. Ever. She was made for him; no, he was made for her.


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